Display Parameters Bug

Hello guys,
I have a trouble with mission planner displaying parameters.
I give you a link to the video with the bug.
Description : the parametrs does not change in the window with a field and blue sky :slight_smile: So if i run a SITL simulator or even real robot sometimes params in that windows change, but if i disconnect robot , and then connect again, the params stop changing. until I restart Mission Planner.
It seems to me that the window with the field and blue sky ^) updates the params only when mission planner starts. But not when the robot is disconnecte and reconnected again.
I would try to find it myself, but hope u will show me approximate project or file or any refferrence in code, where I can handle this
A link to the video https://yadi.sk/i/NFbMuciL3YXdkA

Some clarification. User items are not updated in the HUD after a disconnect/connect. Removing items does not effect the others, adding new item makes other items updated as well.
Will look into it during the weekend.

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Exactly !
Thank you. I will be wainting for some news from you

bug found, pull request created

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Michael merged it, it will be in the next beta release.

Thank you very much! i also tested it. Now it works !