Display of Simple and Super Simple

I have a controller switch setup that turns SUPER SIMPLE mode on/off. But I can’t find any indication that mode is active - or not. If I go into detailed parameters, I can see the value of the particular R/C channel I’m using, but nothing else. Is there a way I can get the state of Simple/Super Simple on the display?

Display means?

Is that mode is active or not ?

Try to 30+ yaw and pitch forward if copter not going forward or going as head side it means your setting is not correct.

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I realize that, I was just looking for some sort of display - perhaps in the “heads-up” window following the MODE. Something like LOITER, LOITER S or LOITER SS

Alternately, Is there anything in the Mavlink msg string that would tell me whether the copter was in Simple or Super Simple mode?

Yeah whenever you change flight mode then shows you this happening here and also sending others messages like , what’s going on your copter anything fail or not and much much …

Can you shows your flight modes , and maybe you can add as any channel ( -1,2,3,4) CH6to…_OPT then select your super simple mode

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This isn’t really what I was looking for. I have all 6 flight modes assigned. Those show up on the display. But when I switch to Super Simple mode, I get no indication. It would be nice to know if it is in that mode.

If you have the messages tab open it displays it there.

I don’t have a my video , that saw really cut and clear

See this video at 4:23 sec , it means
super simple mode = loiter + head free , like whenever your front of your copter is not available batter understanding on video

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I understand what the functions do.

I would simply like to have a display of the mode during flight.

If you have the capability to run it on your radio the Yappu Script has an indicator for Simple and Super Simple.