Discrepant VIBE[2] values - Cube Orange+

Hi everyone,

Since we are using a dampened Kore board + Cube setup for a long time, I added a second cube on the airframe, “hardmounted” with double-sided tape and some tie-raps, just to take a look at the vibrations.


25kg MTOW hexa
Kore board + Cube Orange+
*Second Cube Orange+

Of course, not a professional vibration analysis but the VIBE values suprised me a bit, as VIBE[2] values are quite higher than [0] and [1].

Obs: 00008.BIN is the added cube LOG.

In parallel, VIBE values for the Cube “in charge” and dampened are pretty low:


Considering IMU 1 is non-isolated and IMU2 & 3 are isolated, should I be concerned?

Thanks a lot!