Discrepancy in the Matek F765 log file after a crash

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I hand-launched my plane as I normally do, only this time it ricochet off the ground and flew off without any issue. During the flight, I did notice some performance reduction but since I was going to have a short flight I kept on flying (I was testing an ND filter, so my focus was on the image quality). After 3-4 minutes it lost power and control and landed 1000 ft from where I was. It took me several hours to locate the plane and by the time I found the plane, the battery had completely depleted and puffed-up.
Plane was fine but the prop ends had chiped off during the hand launch when it hit the ground. Surprisingly it kept on flying with broken/unbalanced prop.

I downloaded the flight log to see what had caused this failure, but got a log file that seems very odd.
See pic below. It is missing several data attributes such as BAT, GPS, etc.

Also the downloaded log file has a very unique name “2 2-24-2023 7-39-22 PM.bin”

A typically log file name is “2023-02-24 19-26-58.bin” without a starting number and no PM at the end. As shown below as an example:

The flight controller seems to be working fine, GPS is positionally good, the plane is arming, but when I retrieve the log file it is missing key parameters as mentioned above.

Here is a sample file after arming at home and moving around the plane in my backyard.
96 11-28-2022 9-31-50 PM.bin (952 KB)

Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?


I would suggest to set the LOG_BITMASK to default 65535. You have set this:

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Thank you! I was trying to use gyroflow software to stabilize my video and I had it set at 2097152 per the instructions below.

So it means when using gyroflow, don’t expect a typical log file?

You have to add 2097152 to the previous value of LOG_BITMASK, not to set it to 2097152. By setting to 2097152 you deactivate all other logging objects like shown in my screen shot above and your log has no content. See the description here:
Video Stabilization Using IMU data and Gyroflow — Copter documentation (ardupilot.org)
" LOG_BITMASK bit 21 must be set (2097152 added to present value if not already set) to enable the proper logging"

I think you can set LOG_BITMASK like this:

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