Discrepancy between CAM and TRIG log

Hi guys,

Test Environment
.No GPS ( Indoor )
.Nex 7
.Camera shooting : by MP - “trigger cam now”

As you see above picture, there might be some problem.

I’ve triggered 3 shoot but 4 CAMs and 6 TRIGs logged.

Additionally when come up with geotagging in MP, which one should I use between CAM and TRIG?

Thanks in advance ~

I found one more thing strange …

6 TRIGs was logged even without hot shoe in case of 3 camera shoot. Chaos -.-

New versions of MP send 2 TRIG commands (different MAVLink messages), one of the messages is deprecated, but APM still responds to it while GCS’s are working on phasing it out, and MP sends both versions of the command in case its talking to an older firmware that doesn’t know about the newer command.

Thanks again WickedShell,
But I don’t know exactly what you mentioned ^^; I will test it again outdoor with GPS fixed and share it again soon ^^