Discord server purpose?

May I ask the status of the discord server? Often times I see folks (dev/mods) asking other users of ardupilot to stop asking questions on there and instead direct them here. Is the discord server now not a public space, if so why is there then available public links?

The discord server is for developers and people that want to change the code.

This forum is for users and for support questions.

The rationale is that support questions asked here are searchable, and users can profit from the knowledge of past support questions. And the forum is organized by topics.

The discord server is more loose, and does not provide the features that you expect from a support forum.

That’s usually because the users don’t see the messages at the top of screen for many of the channels. Like these:

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@dkemxr not sure how people don’t see those categories they are pretty clearly marked, I have see plenty of not properly categorized stuff posted in the forum so that’s odd.

@amilcarlucas there is a search function in discord and is does allow you to search for keywords and what not its slightly worse than most forum search functions.

why was the title of this changed and who has the right to change the title as long as it conforms to all community guideline which that title clearly did!

People trying their best :slight_smile:
But forum is the best Q&A method.
Developers and regular users working really hard to support people who are new to ArduPilot.
New users asking questions on there disrupt the workflow between developer discussions.

But there is no SEO, am I right?
So people will keep asking the same question when they’re not finding what they’re looking for by googling it.
I don’t think Discord is a Q&A platform but quick chatting and meeting only.

Developers, leaders and regular users have the right to change the title. Mr. Lucas changed this, because the new title explains the situation better and people will not search this topic like “Discord Oddity” but “Purpose of the ArduPilot Discord Server”. So people who have rights can change the title to reach more people.

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