Disconnect timeouts

I am using QGC Android with BT from a Dragonlink TX radio modem for telemetry…occasionally, there are brief pauses in the telemetry stream which cause QGC to ask for disconnect and not resume.(requiring disconnect, reconnect, and param download) …I am also feeding this stream into the Taranis running Yaapu LUA for display via a Teesny converter…these >1sec pauses cause it to declare LOST TELEMETRY also, but it instantly resumes normal operation when the telemetry pause is over…

is there any way to get the same behaviour in QGC Android via BT connection?

The fact that QGC reports communication loss doesn’t really do anything other than show the ui (and give you the option to disconnect). The link stays connected unless you click disconnect. It should automatically go away when it gets traffic back over the link. There isn’t any difference between this behavior between the build types. I have heard that the DragonLink is pretty fussy to get set up correctly though so there may be some sort of setting problem with the hardware.

You can double-check link status by using the LinkManagerLog console logging which should show you that the link is not being disconnected.