Disaster after attempting to reconfigure GPS module

I bought an APM2.6 clone with GPS module from Good Luck Buy. Although the GPS obtained good fixes these did not seem to be used by the APM in functions like loiter. From comments on the forums it seems that this was because the GPS was not configured correctly. So I installed the Ublox pass through custom firmware on the APM to connect it to U-Centre and wrote the 3DR Ublox configuration file to the GPS.

I received a warning that the software version I are about to download, 7.03(45970), did not correspond to the version of the GPS receiver, 7.03(45969). This didn’t look too serious so I proceeded. The GPS did connect successfully at 38400 baud.

But when I went back to Mission Planner to re-install the quadcopter configuration it would not connect. I had selected the correct port and set the baud rate to 115200.

I would be glad of any advice how to get it connected and to get back to normal.

My Mistake. I thought you had to connect before installing the quadcopter firmware, but of course it’s the other way round. All works now.