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Disassembling the Journey

Trying to disassemble my Journey to work on a motor replacement. I have 10 screws out from the bottom (3 on two arms, 2 on the other two arms). That’s all the screws I can see. Still feels completely tight so I must be missing something, and the design is different from the 2450. Any ideas? Thanks!

Still not clear how to remove the entire bottom cover, but for the record, the plastic is so flexible that it is possible to remove and replace a motor by pushing to the side the plastic cover (with its 2 or 3 screws removed) that rests directly over the motor, sliding the old motor out, and proceeding from there (sliding in new motor, soldering to the existing wire pair).

Upon further inspection, it appears that the four wings of the cover (at least the two with three accessible screws each) will pop up with sufficient force. However, there are likely two screws hidden under the LED covers, which appear easy to break if removed incorrectly, so I’m leaving well enough alone for now.

There are indeed screws hidden under the two green led light covers. The covers are made of very flexible plastic and can be pried out easily.

I then used a narrow spudger on the middle of the legs to remove the bottom cover. Note that two of the legs have antennas inside them so take care to avoid damaging them.

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