Disassemble APM2.6 Casing

I have purchase APM 2.6 and the optical flow sensor and HMC5883L external compass, the issue here is that, both of the components requires several solder and cutting of trace from the APM 2.6 board.

However I have bought the board with the case enclosing it and would like ask on will disassembling the case affect anything and how do I take out the case?
I’ve tried to unscrewed all 4 sides screws but still unable to take the casing out from the board

Hope you guys could help…

Is your APM2.6 a 3DR product or a clone?
I have been able to disassemble my APMs without any of the trouble you have experienced.
There is no need to cut any traces for an external compass as the APM2.6 does not have an internal compass and requires an external compass.
As for the optical flow sensor, have you read the wiki instructions: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/optical-flow-sensor/


I presume that it is a 3DR product as it have the logo on the casing itself and the store i purchase from is a distributor from 3DR.

Thank you for the website for the optical flow sensor, but due to I have difficulties in opening the APM enclosure I’m not able to do any soldering or cutting.

For the external compass, following this website
does this means that i just have to connect the external compass to the I2C pins?


After unscrewing all screws (3short and 1long), how do you open the casing? By Sliding? Or how do you open from? Pardon me for my ignorance…

Thanks once again for your quick reply!

The optical flow program i have tested both on mission planner and python. The program i have downloaded from GIT is working on python, however as for mission planner, I have uploaded the AP_OpticalFlow_test but there seems to be some error as it kept prompt me unrecognised command even though I have not key in any ‘c’ or ‘m’ yet