Disarming Woes with ESC

I have my plane arming/disarming disabled for the rudder. Instead I have a radio switch that controls arm/disarm, and that works. I have ARM_REQUIRE = 1 so that the throttle goes to minimum when I disarm, however, when I disarm using the radio switch, the motor revs very high, even if I have throttle cut on my radio. If I set ARM_REQUIRE = 2, the motor does not activate when I disarm, but beeps continuously, I assume because that parameter setting basic shuts off PPM to the ESC. Why won’t the setting of “1” work?

Check your THR_MIN, set it to 0. And _MIN, _TRIM, _MAX of your servo output for throttle (servo1 or servo3 …) must be set to 1000, 1000, 2000.

Thank you, I think your change of settings worked. Need to try it more, but I’m cautiously optimistic.