Disarming issue [repeat]

I was fly manually sometime after i completed the mission i landed then drone but drone was won’t disarm .I tried forced disarm (Throttle down +yaw left).I am attaching the log file for your reference .I tried doing log analysis but didn’t get the exact reason so please do check and say where might be the problem.

There is so much wrong with this log I’m not even sure where to start. @dkemxr already gave you a great place to start, by updating the firmware. That doesn’t mean reposting a log of 4.3.2 in the 4.5 section. I’ve fixed the title to reflect that. Don’t double post. That just makes people angry.

The battery is failsafe is triggered for most of the flight. Charge the battery.

No filters are set.

Tuning looks questionable.

Start back at the beginning and follow the wiki or even better the Methodical tuning guide.