Disarming in the air

Which is pretty alarming. I’ve had this happen on a 960 hex and my 1300 X8. Mission planner announces disarmed during flight, then says armed and keeps flying. The motors never actually stop. Could this be a reporting error between 3.4 and Mission Planner? This is the second last thing you want to hear from you GCS next to lost signal…

Could you please share the logs? Thanks

I was during an autotune when it happened. Other time was last month during a mapping mission.

Thanks for looking!

I had a quick look at the logs and it’s definitely not disarming so I think you were right about it being a reporting error. The armed/disarmed status is held in the HEARTBEAT message. The reporting error shouldn’t really happen because we have a “crc” check on the mavlink messages meaning they’re thrown away if the contain corrupted data (at least they should be).

I’ll check with Michael Oborne to see if he’s heard of this before.

I have seen this in plane. I didn’t notice until reviewing a telem log. It’s surprising to see disarmed in big red letters on the screen while the plane was in the air. :slight_smile:

Bob, were you using the mission planner?

If anyone has a .tlog from the flight that would be good. I know it’s tough to find the tlogs 'cuz there can be so many of them but it would help us out. If you don’t have one immediately, the next time you see the event, grab that log and send it to me! txs!

I had same problem…windows 10 tablet…Mission Planer…30.09.16 i had this event 2 or 3 times while in the air…disarm-arm…1sec…tlog from that flight shows completely different location than real one…no evidence of flight

Yes, I was using latest version of mission planner and Windows 10. I’ll be away from the computer for a while, but I’ll send it when I find it.

just posted on a similar occurance we had the other day:


I just had the same problem, got disarm message for 1 second right after take off… Is there any solution for this behaviour?