Disarm with a switch?

I control the crawler with Mission Planner and Cube Orange.

I want to disarm it with a switch, but it doesn’t work.
I set RCx_OPTION to 81 with the auxiliary switch, but I cannot disarm it.
The auxiliary switch is a 3-position switch, and the allocation is well done.
It remains armed.

First of all, if you set the switch to the lowest position, you will never be able to disarm it.
When I put the switch in the middle or up position, I hear a do-re-mi buzzing sound, but the throttle doesn’t respond.
After the buzzing sound, center the throttle and turn the steering wheel to the left for 2 seconds to disarm it.

This is a stick release rather than a switch release, and the vehicle will move immediately after disarming.

How can I disarm it with just a switch?

option 153 ArmDisarm (4.2 and higher)

My system, which is great, is V4.2, so option number was 153.
It went well thank you