Disarm while in air

It can’t be done from RC but easily can with GCS software. What will happen if one send disarm command to APM via MAVlink while copter is in air? This question looks strange, but my friend told me about strange behaviour of APM 3.2 (I guess) after landing to his hands. He send disarm command from Droidpanner (Tower) but props remain rotating at minimum. I suspect that APM didn’t find himself landed and denies to disarm. Am I right? What is the normal reaction of APM on disarm comand while midair?

Maybe it’s obvious but I haven’t find clear answer.

The logs will tell you if it disarmed. Or received a disarm request.

My understanding is that if the GCS sends disarm it will. The APM doesn’t have a flying state. On landing it disarms when its no longer descending.

I’m not sure on how DP verifies if the user meant to send a disarm or not.