Disarm not working in LOITER mode

Hi all,

Not that I’ve reflashed my APM2.6 to 3.2.1, I’m having trouble disarming the motors in LOITER mode, ONLY after a flight.

The steps are thus, after initial battery connect:

  1. arm motors (full right rudder, zero throttle - 5 secs)
  2. motors are armed and spin up
  3. test disarm (full left rudder, zero throttle - 2secs) - SUCCESS
  4. motors spin down and are disarmed
  5. arm motors
  6. take-off and fly
  7. automatic RTL after battery warning
  8. disarm (full left rudder, zero throttle - >= 2secs) - FAIL
  9. gingerly/acrobatically reach under spinning blades and disconnect battery

any ideas guys? is this a symptom of a fried APM?

What if you land in loiter, switch to stabilise and try to disarm?

I sometimes had the same issue if I landed in PosHold, the quad didn’t realise it has actually landed. I now have MOT_SPIN_ARMED set to 130 so after I land and have throttle at minimum I wait till the motors slow down further to the 130 speed and disarming in PosHold/Loiter is fine.


Thanks MarkM!

That led me in the right direction and solved my problem.