Disarm in air. How arm?

Accidentally have disarm in flight

Tried to do arm but unsuccessfully.
Receive “dcm yaw inconsistent …”
All preflight checks enabled.How prevent this? Disable all preflight checks?

How are you arming and disarming? Via throttle stick or a switch on your tx…

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I use switch on tx on rc_option arm on this channel

And why would u disarm in mid flight?

To arm again the plane has to be on the ground right?

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Read this doc


In my humble opinion switch is a bad idea. You may think you are changing flight modes and can accidentally dis arm the plane by flipping the wrong switch and it will stray away if its a glider.

Stick is much safer, plus in Arduplane there is safety feature it will not disarm (unless you start playing with settings) while the plane is in the air.

Disarming via switch is a good idea when flying like racing drones and you cant control the drone due to wind, lost control, don’t know which way its going and u want it to drop like a rock because most of them dont have GPS or RTL etc.

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thank you. I have trouble with arming rudder and configure arming by switch. Now i resolve problem and change arming to rudder.

Good…typically stick arming issues has to do with lower set values of the throttle. Well you figured it out. Have fun flying…