Disarm during flight mode change

While testing, our team experienced a weird disarm issue. (During the test, the motor wires were never connected.)

We tried to simulate arming in stabalize mode then moving the throttle up. After around a few seconds, we flipped the switch to AltHold mode and the heli gave a loud high pitch “beep” and disarmed itself. May I ask if this is a normal phenomenon in testing on the bench without motor connection?

Our team is just worried that this disarm issue will happen mid flight and lead to a crash.

Bench tests like that have zero value. You need your Tx for initial calibration and then again only when you’re actually flying. Post the flight log if you like, but I wouldn’t worry about it. Can’t hold altitude when it hasn’t even registered a takeoff.

Most likely it disarmed itself because DISARM_DELAY timer expired .

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