Disabling the climbing up in land mode

I’m testing Copter-3.4 RC1 with the Navio2 indoors without GPS and I noticed that the vehicles climbs up (1-2 meters) when I switch from Alt-Hold to Land. I didn’t experienced that with Copter-3.3 so is there a way to disable this behavior?

That doesn’t sounds like a normal behaviour, certainly it’s not intentional.
As per usual, a log file would be very helpful…

I though I did. Sorry, my bad. Log now attached. Thanks!

4.BIN.zip (556.3 KB)

It doesn’t seem to occur all the time. However, today I did a series of test flights and during the last flight, it occurs again. It claimed 1-2 meters after switching from Alt-Hold to Land. New log attached here.

Can’t access that log, it requests login.

Try this one

Thanks, that one works. I couldn’t make sense of your logs so I have requested Randy’s help to look at this.