Disabling PWM Output When DC Brushed Motor is Off


In the project I am working on we are attempting to use ArduRover 3.5 on a Pixhawk to control a brushed DC motor. We successfully set up the parameters in Rover so that the main output pin 1 is configured to throttle, and the MOT_PWM_TYPE has been set to brushed with relay. Using the motor test built in to Mission Planner we were able to get the motor to spin at different speeds. The only issue was that when the motor is turned off in Mission Planner, we are still getting a PWM output on pin 1, albeit the PWM signal corresponding to the minimum pulse width. Since we are using a basic motor driver, which simply takes in a PWM signal and an enable pin, the motor continues to turn since the off state of the motor still results in a PWM signal being output from the pin. Is there any way to configure Rover to stifle the PWM signal when the motor should be off? So that the signal pin would be low when the motor was supposed to be off, and only output a PWM signal when the motor should be on?

Another issue we have encountered is the minimum and maximum settable duty cycles for the PWM output. We would like to be able to control from 0% to 100%, or as much of this range as possible. Is there a configurable parameter for enabling this expanded range for the PWM output?