Disabling Motor torque YAW control

Is there a way to disable the Motor yaw control in VTOL mode?
I’m running multiple small fans with stators so they have virtually no hope of turning the aircraft. I have secondary system running off a separate servo that controls the yaw so I don’t want the motors hunting and chasing a torque response that they can’t hope to produce.

I was hoping it was a simple 0/1 toggle Q_M_ USE_YAW : “use differential motor torque for yaw control. default=1”

Is there some combinations of parameters that currently exist to allow me to just shut this off. I still want Yaw to respond in all flight modes ( VTOL/ tansition etc. ) just not using the motors.

This response won’t help much, but you have to edit the code in the firmware to disable the motor torque YAW control.

I don’t mind that. We are already running custom firmware due to the motor layout. What is required?