Disable Stick Input in Loiter by switch

Question: Is it possible to disable channel 1-4 input when in Loiter mode? I want to be able to fly to a point, put the drone into loiter mode and while its holding position come out from under the goggles and move.

Problem is if I bump the sticks or they get held in one position (in bag etc) the drone is not where I left it when I come back under goggles. I trust my sensors and loiter mode as it holds position rock solid…unless i mash a stick.

Thank you!

Hello @C17AMooseLoad,
maybe it’s not the best way to do it, but a quick workaround to achieve your goal is to set the drone in guided mode. It will not accept RC inputs, but only attitude or position target from mavlink, so if you don’t send any target the drone will just hold the position.

Switch to guided mode. It behaves exactly as you want while awaiting commands from a GCS.

You will need to disable gcs failsafe , otherwise it will trigger an RTL because you do not send guided coordinates periodically with a gcs

There is brake mode.


Excellent! I was unfamiliar with brake mode, and it is indeed exactly the behavior desired without the need to unnecessarily select guided mode and alter failsafe behaviors.

Thanks Lupus. Good idea

Thank you all…brake mode was exactly what I was looking for!

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