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Disable (RC) Throttle Failsafe when airplane is on the ground

(pradeep kumar) #21

I have tried today the failsafe. The propellers of my S500 were not spin. I am using a APM 2.8 board with 3.2.1 version firmware.


(IronDOme) #22

Did you have it armed?
It has to be armed first and ensure the RC failsafe is not deactivated while testing.


(pradeep kumar) #23

Yes, What I did is first test with MP the failsafe for Radio. I always use it so it was active. Then turn my radio on, plug the lipo and arm the copter via Tx,. Then I hold the copter firmly, and switch off the Tx. Wait for a minute and nothing happened. Hureee!!!

(Shawn) #24

Copter is different to plane, it won’t take any action unless it’s actually flying. It knows it hasn’t gone anywhere and is still landed despite being armed.

(pradeep kumar) #25


I am not an expert. And I have little knowledge about arduplane use. I am planning to buy a Skywalker Falcon 1340 and to use it for long range FPV with Pixhawk. Any suggestion are welcomed.


(IronDOme) #26

Why don’t you get MTD?

(TimWallace) #27

I’ve had the same experience, once on the bench with the prop off, the second time was as soon as I activated the safety switch. I’ve got a one-man bungee operation going and unfortunately, when the Taranis gets too close to the UAV, it ‘loses’ signal and triggers an RTL. Some kind of altitude threshold maybe? No RTL below ~10m AGL or something like that? I realize the baro floats, but I’m of the mind that if the platform is down range enough to lose signal AND it’s below 10m AGL, things are probably not going to get better and an RTL isn’t going to save my poor planning/piloting.