Disable ESC beeping

I want to disable the beeping of the motor (beep-beep) before pressing the safty switch or arming and after disarming.
there is any option to disable it?
thanks, Omri

The beeping from the motors is a function of the ESC, not Ardupilot.

It is there as a safety measure to indicate the motor is live and has power but no PWM signal.
Maybe some ESC might exist out there that doesn’t but it is not a good idea.
It is a safety measure.

I know that the beeping is for safety but I need to disable it for experiment. there is any option to do it?

what experiment.
Anyway try playing with this setting…
[Beep strength:
Sets the strength of beeps under normal operation.]
…in Blheli suite.

I need the drone to wait in the takeoff position about an hour and then takeoff but I need it to be quiet when it in disarmed. is it possible ?

As said, it is an esc feature, there is nothing AP can do to disable it.
Need to take a look at esc manual to find out but i don’t recall i have ever seen a parameter to disable it in any esc i dealt with.

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As stated it’s a ESC feature assuming you are talking about the Beacon. The attached shows an example of where to configure it for a particular ESC. The Beacon settings.

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