Direction to home?

Hi, I am a newbie for QGC, coming from Mission Planner (running Ardupilot). In MP its easy to see at all times the direction to the home location as a line is always overlaid on the map linking your craft’s position to the home position - simples! I was flying with QGC today and can’t figure out how to determine the home direction during flight - aside from switching to RTL. Can anyone please advise if there is a tool in QGC to show me the way home?

Coming soon in a daily build:

Also the Heading to home value is available for display in the instrument panel values.

I spotted the setting for instrument panel after I posted the question. I must say, I like the line in mission planner as it let’s you see where your course to home passes over on the map. QGC is a much neater and more modern looking app though. I like there will be a home direction on the compass bezel soon. I’m really surprised this hasn’t existed since the app’s beginnings.,given it’s a standard feature on every osd. Thanks for the info.