Direct link to the composed apk file for 1.2.0?

Does anybody have a direct link to the composed apk file for 1.2.0? Had a problem with 2.0 it quits while running. Now can’t seem to get 1.2.0 working right. It shows the wrong mode it’s in at the top. No longer verbalizes what mode it’s in. :frowning: I did do a complete uninstall then installed 1.2.0 again from googleplay but same issue. Perhaps a direct link to the file might work better. Kinda a long shot but I don’t know what else to try. My tablet is a 9.7" Cube U9GT5 droid vs 4.1 Thanks

Update The apm itself was wigged out. I tried to set the mode ‘drift’ with MP on my pc because DP 1.2.0 didn’t have that mode. Then when I tried to control the apm with 1.2.0 it set a gremlin in motion in the amp… bottom line DP 2 did not do anything to hinder going back to DP 1.2.0 I just wish DP 2 worked on my tablet but there is some incompatibility I guess.

Check the folder /DroidPlanner/Logcat/ inside your tablet, and paste here any txt files you may find there. We might be able to solve your issues.

Thanks Arthur. I will get to that sooner or later.