Dim red LED on boot.. MP V1.3.62.1 AR V3.5.0

not sure whats going on, this red light on boot is new :confused: sign of an unreliable unit maybe… didnt do this before, its a recent development, also SIK Radio is not refusing to work on V2.

any ideas?

The red light is odd, I haven’t seen that before… I suspect a hardware issue…

I do too, I’ll try it but I don’t think it’s going on a quadcopter rover only I think.

OK, if you find that it only happens on the Rover firmware that would be interesting because both firmwares use the same LED driver. There are some differences with update rates and they were also released at different times.

anyway, if you find Copter is fine but Rover is not then I’ll try and investigate.

Thank you, I’ll flash to copter when I’m back at work tomorrow and post results.

ok… problem persists and seems directly linked to external power…

ive got a brand new unit here, straight out the bag… running copter when I connect to MP… and again as soon as external power is connected the red led comes on…

starting to wonder if this may be something related to battery voltage sensing and alarms maybe?

I don’t know if this will you.
i had a couple of Pixhawk clones 2.4.8 with the same problem. I fitted the LED, USB extension to them, and that works fine. I have one mounted on a Wild Thumper 6wheel, and all systems perform as required
I suspect a faulty LED on the Pixhawk.

ill have a bit of time with rover to get some confidence in them before they go into boats, they will most likely be getting a remote so i can get to the post easily.

thanks for your reply… i remain suspicious of them though :slight_smile: