Dijkstra's for Coastline Avoidance

Hi folks,

I am a total noob with model boats but I have decided to challenge myself to build an autonomous boat to (maybe!) go round the world.

I’m still at the very early stages, but navigation is one of my big concerns. These are mainly coastline avoidance and power down recovery.

I was thinking about plotting a route with way points which have a large tolerance, so hitting them shouldn’t be an issue.

My worry is that the vessel drifts off course and there is land between it and the next way point. Looking at the docs, it looks like Dijkstra’s path planing might help with this, especially if I include a large margin of error to avoid land. Clearly it would be a mammoth task to mask off all land on a map, so I was wondering if there was a way to import a map into the system and tell the vessel to avoid the land + a number of km?

Also, is it possible for the vessel to continue after a power outage. Clearly running on batteries and solar means it is enviably going to have periods of no power drifting. It would need to wake up and continue to the next waypoint from the new location, again avoiding any land which is now in the way.

Are these things possible with this software? If so, how do I start?

Thanks for your time and help.