Dijkstra: could not find path

When the rover stop in the fence or close the fence, switch to auto model, the rover does not work, stop there. I have to manually move rover to leave the fence.
In the case, if rover fail to go in to the fence, how it get out from the fence.

what are you parameters? do you have a example fence that its getting stuck on?

It may help to disable the lower level stopping portion of the overall avoidance feature by setting AVOID_ENABLE = 0.

There are two layers to the object avoidance feature. The higher level Dijkstra (or BendyRuler) will try to plan a path around the fence but there is also the lower level AVOID_ feature that should stop the vehicle just before hitting it.

What can happen is the path planning can bring the vehicle quite close to a fence and then, especially with Ackerman steering vehicles which have separate throttle and steering controls like a regular car, it can hit the fence because of control errors (i.e. the vehicle isn’t exactly where the navigation controllers want it to be).

my problem is the vehicle fail to break in the fence or very close the fence (e.g. below 1 meter), how it get out the fence area by auto model?