Digging into 3dr radio power

say for 20 or 30 km, I know there is the rfd but arent there cheaper ulternatives.
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RFD is the cheapest solution for that range. Others are way more expensive.

hello all I passed by a project on the net where someone used a lora E32 module 433mhz to transmit telemetry far more than what a 3dr module can not even dream of, its price and performance seems to be a solution for any one needing long range telemetry, ifeel I will need it for an antenna tracker in the future, if some one out there have a link to such a diy from A to z (mentioning software and hard ware and confugurations….)and tested working implementing lora e32 sx1278 or similar cheap but powerful modules for telemetry. thanks in advance


Here’s one that supports mavlink


I’d be interested in seeing whatever you come up with!

it is actually where I saw this topic :grinning: but I donot need their rc control I just need telemetry their project is successful a friend of me tested it, but their telemetry link is limited to one way from copter to ground station cause they are using the main data transfer for the 16 channel!! I thought some one can implement the same module but exclusively dedicated to telemetry so the module will give a full two way telemetry, that’s why I posted here :right_anger_bubble::right_anger_bubble: