Difficult to delete waypoints in flight planning

Hello Arthur,

I understood that you could slide a waypoint from right to left to normally delete it. However on my nexus 7, I have to do it ten times on the same waypoint and it just does not delete. Plus the line to swap is just above the android os back and home buttons which males you quit the window.
This is too awkward and difficult to delete a waypoint. It actually even does not work for me.
Better would be a delete button or menu item.

Also to draw a polygon it does not work well. I always remain in the draw waypoint mode, it does not switch to draw polygon mode. The switch between these two modes should be visible and explicit. Again quite frustrating because I spend more time fighting with the interface rather than concentrating on the mission’s content.
Hope you can improve this in a next release because I like the app a lot.

Thanks Hugues your feedback is greatly appreciated.

I’ll add a button to remove the waypoint on the waypoint-dialog, also we have changed the way waypoints are removed from a flint gesture to position based decision (changes are in the current master branch and will be in a release soon). This should make it more easy to work with that interface. This is the issue where we are resolving stuff related to this:

About the polygon/mission mode, here is a screenshot of the dialog :

Note the “Polygon” button on the center/bottom. I know it’s not the best interface for it, if you have any ideas please add them to:
That I and the other developers will be happy to implement it.

Feedback about the UI is great, because I write most of the code I already know what to do to make it work. Of course the objective is to make it intuitive for someone that doesn’t know the internals of the app, but it’s hard to forget what you already know when testing.

And by the way, we are working on a new U.I. . Feel free to drop a comment here: