Differential Thrust in Plane Mode for til-rotor vtol

hi all, i was wondering if differential thrust to assist rudder is posible in a Tilt-rotor vtol. for my understanding front motors need to be set to Motor1=33 motor2=34 . but also i see in the ouput Functions a motorleft and right for differential thrust in regular configurations (73-74)

is this possible? or have anyone tryed this?


Hi Harold, I was also trying the same thing for my tricopter Tilt rotor VTOL and I haven’t figured it out either. Have you found any solution for it?

Hi guys,

As far as I know, there is no support for thrust differential in a tricopter tilt-rotor. However, if you use a separate tilt servo for each front tilt motor then you can use the vectored yaw support. A Y6 tricopter VTOL (like the FireFLY6) does have differential thrust control for hover.

For a tricopter with a single tilt mechanism, it is treated much like a normal tricopter where you need a means to tilt the rear motor. You can see my recent solution near the bottom of this thread here.


I believe we need to wait for this recently merged pull request to make it into a release. Then the mixing should work as expected, same as for a tilt-rotor sans VTOL.

Perfect timing, thanks, Evan!

Peter Hall (@iampete) has added this feature and has tested it on a tricopter tilt-rotor too. Perhaps, you can ask him for a build. I agreed to test it on one of my quadplane tilt-rotor, but unfortunately, my current situation doesn’t permit me to do any testing at the moment.

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it made it to master a few weeks ago so you can test here: