Differential Thrust for Steering

As per the documentation for skid steering the following parameters must be set:
SERVO1_FUNCTION = 73 (Throttle Left)
SERVO3_FUNCTION = 74 (Throttle Right)

However how can I specify the weight of the left/right throttle for steering? I mean for each situation (left motor rpm vs right motor rpm) must be different for a given turn radius. Where can this be set?

Thank you

I don’t believe you can set that, when you turn you’re just setting a turning rate and the software is going to adjust the motors dynamically to achieve the desired yaw rate.

I am not sure if these settings are available in Rover but in plane you have the RUDD_DT_GAIN param. A value of 50 means 50%. For Auto navigation, please also look at KFF_RDDRMIX parameter if it is available.

Thank you both for your help!