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Differential spoilers and YAW turn

I configured on my Ar Wing Pro differential spoilers as written in the article
Here’s a video of how it works.

The problem is this: in flight, everything works as it should, except for the YAW turn. The flying wing barely responds to the YAW stick, and continues to fly straight in FBWA mode.

Sorry for the google translator.

I wonder… and this is a pure guess, if the spoiler is creating a roll and FBWA is correcting the roll and inadvertently limiting the effects of the yaw. Have you tried the spoilers in manual mode?

In manual mode, YAW rotation works, but you need to steer with the right stick in order not to lose altitude.

You need to set the elevon and flaperon throw angles so that they just balance out to have zero roll. If you are manually correcting the roll tendency, then autopilot will do the same which may diminish the differential spoilers’ effectiveness. Once you get the zero roll balance you will be able to tell how effective the rudder inputs are. Generally speaking, you expect the elevon up angle to be about half the flaperon down angle, but of course you have to fine tune.until you get it right. One other key thing to keep in mind is that the angles need to be adjusted mechanically with clevises not with your transmitter’s dual rates.

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The flying wing is well tuned and flies perfectly in MANUAL mode with only the right stick. But when I try to make a yaw turn, I need to steer with the right stick.

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