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Differential Spoiler

I want to use the differential spoiler to provide yaw control however the second control surface on each wing only deflects up from the top surface of the wing. I want to disable the elevon inputs to the second control surface on each wing and have it only deflect for yaw.

I am almost certain there is no way to do this currently but I though ide make sure.

Have you seen the spoiler setup in the wiki?


yes I have however it uses dual elevons on each wing. i don’t have dual elevons just a spoiler and an elevon and i cant have the spoiler activating as if its an elevon.

the wiki doesn’t make it sound as if there is anyway to do this currently but someone might have a workaround.

You need each spoiler on a different channel.

Say they’re on RC6 and RC7, say RC6 pwm values go from 1500 to 2000 and RC7 go 1000 to 1500, you’ll need to set RC6_min to 1500 and RC6_trim to 1500, RC6_max to 2000, then do the same for RC7, but the other way around.

I thought about doing that however this only prevents down deflections into the wing which aren’t my main problem they will still deflect up any time the elevons on the same wing do because the pixhawk thinks they are elevons when set as differential spoilers according to the wiki.

If I set them as pure rudder then the elevons on each wing won’t deflect down properly to provide uniform drag causing far more roll than i would like.

I don’t think differential spoilers are working at the moment. I did a bench setup and I can’t get them to trigger at all. I was about to look into the code but then found this PR
I will have a look and see if I can get that put into master sooner rather then later.
Thanks, Grant.

Well it will be great to have them working and ive gonna ahead a re-designed the system in order to work with the wiki described implementation of the code.

However it would be nice in the future to be able to designate certain outputs as spoiler only in order to remove the elevon signals moving the control surface.
This can also lead into an implementation of autopilot controlled air-brakes for faster decent rates though this isn’t valuable for most users as complex and large aircraft are on the rarer side.

I’m confused are differential spoilers working now in Plane 3.52 now I would like to use them on my new wing ?
Also Will they work in parallel with elevens when not active ?

Please Reply waiting on answer before I split my elevons

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