Differential Encoder Output and Encoder Setup

Hi All,

My motor has the following encoder output signals.
The encoder is a A-B dual channel, 1000ppr, incremental optical encoder.

Red +5V
Black GND
White A-
Blue A+
Yellow B-
Green B+

This is slightly different to the encoders used in the wiki. Can I simply use the +ve signals and ignore the negative signals and simply hook them up to my Navio2? –

Does the Navio2 support motor encoder input?

Also, I need to figure out the wheel’s distance from the flight controller. Do I figure out the position of the wheel based on the position of the axle as the reference point?

No, Navio2 does not support wheel encoder input.

Hi Sebastian,

Is this a limitation of the hardware?

i.e the Navio2 will never support wheel encoder input?

I do not know if it would be possible. I guess, it would at least require a new firmware for the RC coprocessor.