Different servo output for hexacopter

Hi everyone!

I am trying to set up a hexacopter with Ardupilot 4.0 and Pixhawk 4. Before I get into the problem I want to mention that the vehicle flies fine with Pixhawk 4 and Px4, however in order to test something I want to use it with Ardupilot.

Everything is calibrated (all sensors and ESC). What happens is that on the ground when arming (stabilized mode) at idle throttle motors do not work at the same speed (servo output is uneven). As I increase throttle stick position the difference becomes even bigger to the point that the vehicle is banked forward with servo outputs for motor 3 and 5 (front) much lower than the other ones.

I tried correcting attitude by commanding “pitch up”, however vehicle is still banked forward.

In loiter mode similar thing happens.



its very hard to find problem without bin log file so please upload a log file

about this first set
MOT_PWM_MAX : Check ESC manual for fixed range or 2000us
MOT_PWM_MIN : Check ESC manual for fixed range or 1000us
then try to recalibrate ESCs again (using mission planner)
and check MOT_SPIN_ARM : use the motor test feature

Here is the link for all logs from today’s test. In few attempts towards the end I managed to liftoff (after another esc calibration) but the vehicle is very unstable in “stabilized” and in “loiter” can’t even liftoff properly.

If you can please check logs.
Thank you!

unfortunately no useful data in logs
the only thing i can see is that your motor 3 is going to shutdown while takeoff
most of the time is a simple problem try to re-calibrate everything again
also check your power system i was faced a problem like this by low battery voltage