Different questions after switching from 3.3.2 to 3.5.x

Hi everyone,
i made the big update to latest quadversion and actually Mission planner. But somepoints are not clear for me. I’m using an auav-x2 first Version.

  1. weight is 1900g
  2. autotune not done yet. Flying is OK. But althold not optimal. Foam is added.
  3. i’m using a x8r and telemetry to taranis with TTL Adapter. It works with Sport protocoll. But in Mission planner i can’t switch to passthrough. There’s no Option
  4. my 433mhz telemetry works. Osd doesn’t work. No mavlink data. Sometimes at powerup i See something. But after some seconds…no mav link data. What are the correct Parameter for SR?
    I’m using recommened nightghost software. I think it’s a Version from Beginn oft this fork. With telemetry Simulator it worked.

Thanks in advance.