Different Mission Planner Versions?

This issue/question is for a developer (I think).

I am running Mission Planner on 2 different laptops. One day I use one, and another day I’ll use the other.

One laptop is Win7 and the other is Win 8.1 The Win7 laptop just now ran an automatic update of Mission Planner right after I launched it. The Win8.1 laptop did not update anything after I launched it (just now).

Now the issue (I think): The Win7 laptop shows Mission Planner build 1.1.5679.37990. The Win 8.1 laptop shows Mission Planner 1.3.30 build 1.1.5648.36304 As you can see, they are different.

Do I need to be concerned about this? I use both laptops as per above. If it is a concern, what do I need to do?

Thank you

1.3.30 is the release versions
any version with an extra number is a beta version.