Different font used in latest version 1.3.73?

Has the font been changed in latest Mission Planner?
If so, what is it now?
Been using MP in Linux for the past few years. But suddenly after upgrading to 1.3.73 certain items don’t show up anymore. As they still do on a Microsoft based computer I have to assume it is related to a different font type.
Any idea what type it is ?

you are failing the skiasharp dependancy. for some reason its failing to load libSkiaSharp.dll /.so

Hi Michael,
thanks for the prompt reply.
I’ve just changed back to 1.3.70 and once again back to normal appearance.
I would have thought that if dependencies are met in earlier version it should be fine in later versions too.
Anyway, may have to stick with earlier version until I get to the bottom of this.

during startup the console should show a
INFO MissionPlanner.Program - ******************* Logging Configured *******************
INFO MissionPlanner.Program - C:\Users\michael\Source\Repos\MissionPlanner\bin\Debug\net461\x64\libSkiaSharp
INFO MissionPlanner.Program - SkiaLoaded
INFO MissionPlanner.Program - 64bit os True, 64bit process True, OS Arch X64
INFO MissionPlanner.Program - Runtime Version v4.0.30319

can you verify what yours says?

I can verify it on 1.3.70 but not on 1.3.73 - please see screenshot.
However, I will not further waste your time as we are dealing with Wine rather than an actual Windows environment. As I understand this is not officially supported.

im pushing a new beta now that will hopefully fix this.
there was a mono check and you seemed to be hitting it