Differences Cube Orange vs Orange+

Anyone knows what are the differences between the old cube orange and the new orange+ ??

I see new orange+ is quite a lot cheaper than the old standard orange.

There is some great discussions over at the cubepilot Facebook about this.

The + has some new sensors and a new processor I think. The main reason to why a + variant came out it to lower the price. The new cube it designed with the component shortage and price changes in mind. That’s why it’s cheaper. That’s what I think is the reason at least.

The + is in beta right now but that’s just because it’s new and not many have used it yet. When it becomes more widely used, it probably will go out of beta.

Facebook free link Here:
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Thank you very much. Is it safe to fly in your opinion?

I would use it. There is always some risk in using new stuff but I would go for it