Differences between Cube Orange+ and Cuav V5+


I have a question about FC.

I’m inquiring about something while using FC.
I’m not trying to disparage or hit the product
I’m just curious about something.

First: I’m curious about the difference between the two FCs, Cube Orange+ and Cuav V5+. I’m curious about the difference based on experience, such as why I have to choose this product among the two FCs.

Second: I’m also curious about what I should see and compare in the log record under the assumption that the setting is the same.
For example, Vibe status, IMU status, Roll, Pitch, Yaw, and so on…
I wonder what log records I should look at and compare.

Once again, I’m just curious about the difference because I don’t have much experience and knowledge, and I’m not trying to evaluate the product.
I’m just curious about all the advice from experience, and I wrote here because I had nowhere to ask.
Please give me a lot of advice.

I love small sporty cars. How is the Mercedes A-klasse compared to the BMW 1-series ? :slight_smile:

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They are both capable units. So it might be better looking at what your goal is? What kind of drone are you putting this in? What features do you need? What features do you want? How much money do you have? What is available in your part of the world? Do you like Mercedes or BMW?

But wait! Don’t make light of the fact that the CUAV FC conforms to the FMUv5 standard! Surely that designation from 2021 means something…
Just kidding, Dronecode bullshit :wink:

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It is FC that will be used for regular 800mm drones.

It will be used for basic flight, avoidance, and precision landing.
We’ll also do aerial photography, but it’s not the purpose of filming.

Thank you for your interest

What is a good thing to see when you say log review?
Vibe? Or, Roll, Pitch, Yaw?
What should I look at to do a basic review?
I’m curious about the experience other than the Arduilot document. :grin: :grin: :grin:

Sure. They’ll both work. Have you looked to see what fits in your budget? And what is available in your area? Because honestly any F7/H7 processor board would do what you’re asking. Matek H743 series. Holybro Pixhawk 6c. If you want to do avoidance (of what?) and precision landing (target or GPS?), then you need to decide exactly what that means to you, what kind of sensors you’re going to need, then maybe work backwards to see what controller will have the feature set that will work.

The S-Klasse and the Corolla will both get you to the shop. So what’s the difference?

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These things matter:

  • The quality of your build and your handy-work
  • The quality of the chosen components, such as frame, motors and ESCs

If you get the first ones right, vibrations should be quite OK, leading to a good tune.

If you get ALL those right then an old clone Pixhawk 2.4.8 will even fly very well, but it may fail, and it will struggle with scripting and other advanced features - the feature you require may be impossible.

The newer flight controllers will be more immune to vibrations, not so you can ignore vibrations and do a poor build, but for the day when a prop is chipped, or your gimbal goes crazy.
The newer flight controller will run all the advanced features now and probably more new features as they come along.

The more expensive flight controllers offer more redundancy, but is this critical in your case?
Flying over people or property…

Maybe a Mateksys board would be OK, or a Holybro 6C, or do you need to go all out and get a Cube with Mauch sensors and BECs…

Personally I would go for something with a H7 because I’m inclined to be trying out some scripting and other features. The H7 wont struggle :slight_smile:
Even an F7 can struggle with some of the extra features - for example scripting, SRTL, plus 8 ESC-based harmonic notches for 8 motors.