Difference in what firmware shows up

I was trying to upload latest stable plane firmware to the H743-WLITE. When I select the plane logo on MP Build 1.3.8378.8066 there is quite the difference in what firmware shows up for the board between the plane logo and the all options. Seems odd that there is such a drastic truncated difference for this board on plane.

When hitting the plane emblem these are the firmware’s that show-up as seen above.

Obviously all options gives more firmware, but here are all the firmware that this gives above. But why is the 743 not anywhere to be found when selecting the plane emblem or any of the logos? Seems the 743 firmware should at least be included when selecting the plane logo or any of them?

Has anyone used this flight controller and had the buzzer stop working once uploading ardupilot firmware to this? I used these instructions as it was a fresh install out of the box. Buzzer worked fine before uploading the current stable plane but now will not work, also when you use the on/off switch on the buzzer it throws USB errors which was not the case before uploading ardupilot firmware. Still not sure why the H743 firmware does not show up when selecting any of the emblems in MP

Did you load the Bdshot version of firmware?

Don’t select them (I never do). Either download the appropriate .apj file from the Depository and use the “load custom firmware” feature in MP (best most universal way IMO) or use the All Options selection and choose what you want.

Yes sir. I also just put non-dshot on it and buzzer came back! I’m guessing its a timer thing?

Understood you do not but for years that was the way to load firmware, as the all options is somewhat new. The load custom was always there but had some issues in the past so I got use to using that. Just seems odd that such a main firmware would not be included there as well.

Yes, right. You get Bdshot or a Buzzer that plays tunes but not both.

As with other MP issues that can lag the latest firmware we can just report and wait and then find another way in the mean time. Do this enough times and the “other way” becomes routine :slight_smile: