Difference between this and DIY Drones forums

Can some one please tell me the intended difference, if there is any, between this and DIY Drones forum. I spend a lot of time reading DIY Drones and come to this site for Wiki. Both forums seem to be sponsored by 3D Robotics, so what is the difference and why do both exist?

If I missed something, I would love to understand.


Things are changing with the Ning platform that sits underneath DIYD, when it does we will change the way DIYD works and use this platform as the main forum for help.

Many many folks are about to arrive with Pixhawk questions and we have to be ready to meet them.

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This is a bad idea to migrate on this forum: it is purely and simply UNUSABLE. The current diyforum is a good example of user friendliness with really little user annoyance. This one is not only graphically ugly but also awfully complex to use.
Not later than 10 min ago I lost a post on droidplanner; I do not even know what happened, where it went.
Also such simple things as to see well in evidence if you are logged in or not is not visible on this bad user interface.
Well , not sure that this new tentative to post will work but at least I expressed my user’s frustration.

You can see easily if you are logged in or not in the top right corner and it’s as much or as little complex to use as RC-Groups where you are very active too.
You didn’t lose any post - your post was in the moderation queue. Each new user’s first 2 posts have to be approved by a moderator to prevent spam.
Please do not agitate and spread negative attitude just because you didn’t take the time to understand the new forum!

This forum is much simpler to retrieve info. The old DYI was just a huge pile of post that where scattered about. Great job. Will continue using this forum from now on.

I think it would be extremely helpful if descriptions could be added to the Arducopter Wikis (and maybe a few other places) as to what the purposes and differences are between this forum and DIYDrones. I see the difficulties occurring trying to get people with 3.1 questions to migrate, and I think it’s mainly due to not knowing why this forum is here.

Using myself as an example, I’ve been on DIYDrones for over a year and a half as a regular user and active poster. But I couldn’t tell you why this new forum is here or why it would be better to use this one (although I agree the DIYDrones format is an awful mess).

Things I, and probably others, would like to know:

  • What are the missions of the two forums?
  • What are their differences?
  • Who “owns” them? ( I see “Sponsored by 3DR” on this one)
  • If 3DR does own this forum, is discussion of non-3DR equipment, such as clone APMs, welcome?
  • Is the ultimate plan to have this forum completely replace DIYDrones?

This Forum is strictly for 3DR hardware products while clone issues should be posted on the DIY Drones. website.
This website will not replace the DIY Drones website and is intended to specifically address 3DR hardware issues and support firmware issues.
TCIII Developer

To put it in short words:
This here is a technical support forum for

  • Genuine 3DR products
  • Related Open Source software, such as the APM branches, Mission Planner, etc.

DIYD is a community and/or discussion forum for

  • Discussing UxV technology in general (e.g. development, future technologies, etc.)
  • Discussing UxV-related society issues
  • Discussing UxV-related politics / lawmaking

I like that these forums are replacing DIYD, that set-up is so rough to find information. Though there should be a General section here, just for more off-topic UAV talk outside the various projects and products. But yeah I can’t wait to get my IRIS and start this fun adventure into UAV technology!

These forums are not replacing the DIYD forums. As I wrote immediately before your post, ardupilot.com is for technical support while DIYD remains for general discussions.