Difference between Point Of Interest (POI) and Region Of Interest (ROI)

I’ve flown missions containing a DO_SET_ROI statement - which does a nice job of facing the copter towards that point as the flight progresses.

I want to know if that differs from setting a POI on the Mission Planner DATA page.

In addition:

  1. Is there a way to clear these settings? Just a guess - but perhaps by setting these to empty values will clear them.

  2. If POI is set on the DATA page before take off - will the copter immediate

  3. How does the copter behave differently (if at all) if equipped with a camera gimbal with a MavLink connection?

Thank you!

The POI feature in Mission Planner is only there for visualization and is not used by AP in any way. You can clear them by deleting poi.txt in the documents/missionplanner folder.

As for 3, it should make no noticable difference to the user how the communication is done in the background to a gimbal.

If the vehicle is aware of the gimbal, it points the gimbal to the ROI, not itself.

Most Gimbals can’t rotate 360 degrees. As I recall, there are ArduPilot parameters that set the limits of movement on each gimbal axis. In fact The gimbal controller has limits too.

I’m wondering if this is taken into consideration when targeting with the gimbal.

For a copter that has the ability to yaw independently of flight path, it might be better to not rotate gimbal yaw at all - but orient the copter to face the target, and just use the gimbal to adjust pitch to target the desired altitude.

It may take some experimentation to figure this out, I don’t see comments or questions on this subject - it gives me the feeling that it isn’t something many people sort out any more.

I appreciate your help Mustafa.

Thank you - I’d pretty much figured this out before your response. Thank you for taking the time to respond - I hope it helps others who search the forum for questions about this,