Difference between GY-271 and GY-273 magnetometers - pullup voltage? 3.3V versus Vcc?

Continuing to look into finding a suitable magnetometer to add to add to my copter to support a GPS without a magnetometer, I found the GY-271 and GY273.

The difference seems to be one has a “pull-up” resistor - the other does not.

Can some please help me know if this difference is meaningful if I’m going to connect it to an Orange Cube I2C port?

I wasn’t familiar with pull-up resistors - so I did some research and found these two references - with quotes taken from each here.

“Both include pullup resistors on the SDA and SCL lines but the reference voltage on the GY-273 is the internal 3.3 V whereas on the GY-271 the reference for pull up is Vcc. In both cases the pullup resistors are 4k7 Ohms.”

And -

“Another application is the I2C protocol bus, where pull-up resistors are used to enable a single pin to act as an input or an output. When not connected to a bus, the pin floats in a high-impedance state.”

Any guidance would be appreciated - Thanks!