Did the 3.3 on Pixhawk stabilized my Gimbal?


after the APM does not have enough memory for Camera Servo Stabilisation, i have by a Pixhawk!

But i triy to use the Gimbal, but it dont work!

Is it also disabled for PixHawk?


No, the gimbal should work. Did you set it up properly?


i had try! at time, my Servos are at free port for RCout6 and RCout7.

If i enabled it, it dont move! The other servos like aileron works.

2nd: if i use the input Ch (from the RCIn6 and 7) i cant mix it too!

I’ve been having the same issue, and finally rolled back to 3.1.

I’m using the HKpilot32 and a servo driven gimbal, and gimbal control has been the only ongoing headache that I’ve been unable to resolve for months.


i think the compile had removed the gimbal for APM and Pixhawk

I had “RC PassThrough” to controll the Servos for my Cam manualy

Next step i had to roll back to 3.1