Did i fixed my APM GYRO or just a temporary behaves?

hi guys,
1st i’m sory if this in a wrong section, but i can’t find APM h/w
sort of story i have a defect apm 2.8 (gyro very erratic movement)
i do fix my 3.3v regulator but the problem persist
last i’m doing was reflash firmware with AP 3.2.2 from 3.4 (gyro still erratic) and then reflash it again with AP 3.4
i’m very suprised now my gyro seems normal

just quick question, should i trusted this behaves will last forever because of firmware glitch or just temporary behaves before gyro will do erartic movement again?

it’s very importan before it will make unnecessary plane crash

I understand your concern and wanting to avoid an unnecessary crash. Unfortunately, I believe it will be impossible to tell the source of your previous error, and so I don’t think anyone can say for certain if the problem was a software misconfiguration (which is gone now) or a hardware defect. (which could re-appear)

This is just my educated guess… If someone else has a better idea about how to determine the error cause, please post here!

yes you were right but this is very common problem for the APM, i need someone who have a simmiliar experience with mine, so i can be sure if this APM still can be used or to risk to used based from they experiences of course :slight_smile: