Diatone Mamba MK4 H743

I wonder can I install Arducopter on Diatone Mamba MK4 H743 Dual Gyroscope? I tried to install firmware for Matek H743 and it partially works. So board boots up and shows two COM ports (standard and I2c or something like that). I’m not an expert so far so it’s almost all new to me.It connects with Mission Planner but, theres no ESC information (configuration), and it doesn’t seen any gyro (should be two avaliable?). Is that something I can set in config? or I need some more specific firmware?
I want to make some photo hexacopter on 500+ frame, with working motor redundancy, and Pixhawk sounds much easier but I can’t get one in good price, so I tried to use what I got on shelf.

If that specific board isn’t listed it’s not supported. The Matek H743 doesn’t have dual MPU6000 IMU’s so that’s not working.