Development inquiry: custom version of Mission Planner

Dear community:

My name is Giancarlo Marchesi, co-founder of Robotic Air Systems, a drone company from Lima, Peru.

We have seven years of experience designing, building, and operating our own drones using Pixhawk controllers. Our latest generation of drones is using Cube black or Cube blue and the Herelink integrated remote controller/ground station/wireless digital transmission system. As part of our brand evolution, we want to develop our own custom version of Mission Planner. The software would be exclusively for use with our brand of drones and not for sale. We are looking for developers that could take on this project in the second or third quarter of 2023. I have also emailed the members referenced on the Commercial Support section of the Ardupilot website.

If someone is interested in participating in this paid project with us, or can reference someone that could be interested, please reply to this post or contact me at Thanks